Back to Monticello

Saturday we went back over to Monticello for their monthly running of their "Southern 401" steam engine. David enjoys trains period, but particularly likes the sights and sounds of the big steam engines. Between runs I got to take David up to the engine cabin so he could see everything, including the fire. On our … Continue reading Back to Monticello

Sharing iPhone Wallpapers

I have created a page here where I will be sharing images I've cropped and re-sized to be used as iPhone wallpapers.  Navigate to Wallpapers -> iPhone Wallpapers on the menu above (or go directly to the page here). I won't be noting new uploads here, so you'll need to just check back periodically.

How I Use Lightroom: Collect and Share

In the first post in this series I discussed importing your photos into Lightroom and explained how I have Lightroom configured to import into a nicely organized, folder structure based on the import date. So you'd think I'd use this all the time, right?

How I Use Lightroom: Getting Photos In

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is an excellent piece of software I've recommended to many of my friends who have been bitten by the photography bug. It catalogs and organizes all of my photos, allows me to quickly and efficiently edit them, and assists in pushing the end results for others to see. While on the surface it is targeted to professionals, I'm no professional and wouldn't enjoy photography nearly as much without it.

Art Fair

This weekend we went downtown to the Old State Capitol Art Fair.  I always enjoy the photography most of all (shocking, I know), seeing such a wide variety of styles and subjects helps to inspire as well as solidify what I do and do not like. I also took the opportunity to try and get … Continue reading Art Fair